Regrowth Colour – FOR YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT ONLY ”The Patient One”  

With it being at least 16 weeks since your last root touch up we will need to apply the colour in a different way to make sure that the result is even and coverage is perfect. It will be a permanent all over colour not root refresh with an extra charge of £5 to cover the cost of extra colour used. You will receive a complimentary booster treatment. 

“The Tempted One”  

If you were tempted and a blending colour has been applied to soften your root during lock down, we will top up your root colour and use one of our bespoke colour balancing formulas to match up any unevenness or warmth that may have been left from your top up. There will be an extra charge of £10. You will receive a complimentary booster treatment. **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** 

“The Couldn’t Wait One”  

If you have needed a colour top up during lock down and used a BOX DYE to cover any white hair, the result may have become darker or flatter than normal or be slightly patchy. We will apply your preferred root colour and a detox service to the hair where the colour needs to be tweaked. A toner to match the colour root to tip will be applied after as well as a SOS treatment to lock in your new colour **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** EXTRA CHARGE PRICE ON CONSULTATION 


At the edge of your seat awaiting the return of the perfect blonde all the way to the root? We have you covered with a technique that is designed to create an even blonde, even with the largest of roots. An SOS treatment will be applied after hair the has been lightened to add strength – followed by a bespoke toning shade to achieve your beloved salon fresh blonde. Extra £5 charge to full head pre-lightener price. 

“Detox & Lighten”  

Has the purple shampoo become a bit of lock down obsession? Been tempted by the pastel pinks but now want rid? We will remove (detox) any unwanted tone from the hair followed by your usual lightening process **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** Extra £10 charge to full head pre-lightener price 

“Detox & Transform”  

Did your roots get the better of you? If you did cave and applied a Box Dye since your last visit, there may be a few things we will need to address prior to your appointment. After a consultation and a few quick tests of your hair we will assess if you need more colour/work **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** EXTRA CHARGE PRICE ON CONSULTATION 

Balayage “Work with what you’ve grown”  

Embracing a more low maintenance colour but need a little boost? We will tailor the perfect placement of Blonde to enhance your natural colour. You will receive a complimentary booster treatment any toners or extra colour required will be an extra charge. PRICE ON CONSULTATION 

“New beginnings”  

Over done it with the purple shampoo or struggling with the left over pink from an impromptu “lockdown made me do it”- no problem. A custom detox will be applied to the hair, followed by an SOS treatment to perfect the hair ready for a new bespoke blonde infused into the hair **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** PRICE ON CONSULTATION 

Highlights ”Foil me- please”  

Missing that perfect highlight straight from the root but enjoying a little bit of natural breaking up your colour? Your normal highlight service will be carried out – however, due to the long period since your last visit some of your natural will remain giving you a softer regrowth and low maintenance colour. 

“Foil me like crazy”  

Roots driving you mad and wanting to return to the intense highlight finish? Due to the extended period since your last colour we will need to put twice the amount of highlights in to return the hair to its former self. You will receive a complimentary booster treatment. Additional charge for time may be needed. 

“Purple shampoo overload”  

Have you over done it with purple shampoo? Experimented with the pastel pink and it is still hanging on? All it take is a gentle detox applied to your hair. This will be before or after your regular highlights to remove the unwanted tone. **NEW SKIN TEST REQUIRED** PRICE ON CONSULTATION 
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