WELLA COLOUR For your hair at Molbys  

Working closely with Wella professionals who are the largest forward-thinking educational company in the industry. The colour products are of a high-quality range giving you ulitmate hair colour choices. 
Wella permanent hair colour uses ME+ this superior colour technology of the future is the only oxidative permanent hair dye molecule to replace PTD and PPD that reduces the risk of developing a new allergy to hair colour while delivering uncompromised colour performance. 

ESSENTIAL – Full-head Cover  

This block colour is one of the most fundamental yet is an especially important technique. It is an all over application that can be utilised on a variety of lengths, textures and shapes. Block colour is a timeless colour technique that creates healthy-looking hair from roots to ends. 
To maintain this colour you have root refresh or depending on your regrowth hair line and parting. 

ENHANCEMENT  Classic High-lights  

This timeless technique is always a salon favourite. We work with your hair using a variety of techniques baby highlights which is natural looking. Classic weaves or working in slices. 

Colour in-between  

Why we add colour in between is much like a root refresh usually complimented with high-lights to help cover and soften the natural root. This will give you full coverage while having a few added texture and tones with hi-lights. 


Toners are used 80 to 90% in all our colour work. Toners are used to give bespoke shades; it knocks out unwanted tones giving the hair a cleaner and the desired tone. 


This is bespoke service and tailor made to client’s requirements. We use face-framing techniques that adds softness and brightens the facial canvas. We work with the natural tone of the hair taking into consideration the undertone, complexion and eye colour. 


This technique uses different lighter colours to create a contouring effect, defining the shape of the hair and promoting shine. This is perfect for a client wanting a couture colour. The lighter canvas around the front area creates detailing around the perimeter accentuating the face and enhancing the complexion. 

Custom toner  

Toning is used to accentuate layers and give the haircut added movement. It can be created using two to three different tones. We use this in our colour melt technique using freehand painting, working closely towards the root area, with a combination of seamless weaves. The finished effect gives a melting effect of lightness. 

Full head-pre-lightener  

This is ageless classic but is one of the most technical services. To determine the application the amount of new growth is then considered. Also is key to ensure the amount of product saturation and required levels of lift are achieved. We always use a toner to finish to create a clean canvas. 
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