Looking for loads of volume, longer hair, maybe a flash of colour or a snazzy fringe? Then we have the answer – hair extensions. They are absolutely brilliant for creating style, volume, texture, length and colour. From a subtle style change to a completely new look – the styles we can create using hair extensions are literally limitless. 
To offer you the absolute best, we chose Racoon International as our extension provider. The company’s premium quality natural hair, damage-free application process and comprehensive training means we have the technical and creative skill to design beautiful, bespoke natural-looking styles for everyone. We offer two different systems: Hot-Bonded and Micro Weft extensions, plus a specific service called Hair in Recovery for those suffering from medical hair loss 



Our most popular system is Racoon’s Hot-Bonded extensions which uses a special bonding agent (no, it’s not glue!) to bond fine meshes of extension hair to superfine sections of your own. These teeny tiny bonds (about the size of an uncooked grain of rice) are virtually undetectable, safely securing extensions which are very comfortable to wear. With regular maintenance and appointments to have them removed and replaced, they can be worn for at least six months. 
Quick to remove, the bonds don’t leave any trace or residue and are scientifically proven by a top trichologist not to cause any damage to the hair. Racoon’s ethically sourced hair comes in a range of 25 colours, from light to dark, subtle to vibrant. Time-wise it can take up to four hours to apply a full head of Hot Bonded hair extensions. 


Unique to Racoon, a Micro Weft is a mesh of premium quality, glossy natural human hair, already pre-attached to a super-fine, ultra-flexible fine header. This is discretely ‘sandwiched and sealed’ in-between sections of your own hair, close to the root. 
Easy to apply, they are discreet (virtually invisible to the eye) and comfortable to wear. A whole head can be applied in 45 minutes – a makeover in a lunch break! They can be worn for up to four weeks before you return to the salon to have them removed by your extensionist to be reconditioned, re-taped and reapplied. 


Luxe Link is a trichology-approved extensions system which is quick and easy, safe, stylish and fabulous. Available in a great range of colours Luxe Links are perfect for clients preferring a no heat, no glue system and are also ideal for hairdressers wanting a faster approach to extension application and removal. A full head can be applied in just 90 minutes and safely removed in less than 30 minutes. 
Luxe Links – exclusive to Racoon are the smallest links on the market. The round-cornered micro links come in four link shades and although the link itself cannot be re-used once removed – the hair can. It can be instantly re-fitted into a new link and immediately re-applied to the head. 
Perfect for full head and partial applications, for length or for volume, Luxe Links are comfortable to wear and as safe and sure, as they are versatile and undetectable. Plus they are given the thumbs-up by leading trichologist Iain Sallis for not causing any damage to hair. Luxe Links are permanent extensions that can be safely worn for least six months and easily up to one year with regular maintenance appointments every six to 12 weeks when they will be removed and re-fitted by a specially Racoon-trained salon professional. 


Our expertly trained, certified Racoon extensionist will spend time finding out what you’d like to achieve. As you plan your new look together, you’ll get answers to all your questions and be quoted a price for the service. At this point, you may choose to trial extensions by investing in some test Hot Bonds or a Micro Weft or two. 
Our extensionist will apply your hair extensions and you’ll be given comprehensive aftercare advice to follow, as well as an extension care booklet for reference. 
We recommend you always use Racoon-Xtend aftercare products to ensure your hair extensions remain looking salon fabulous. These products are specifically formulated to work in harmony with the systems we offer, so they will not cause either the Hot Bonding material or the Micro Weft tapes to deteriorate. You will also be given guidance about returning to the salon to have your extensions checked, maintained and rotated (if applicable). 


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NO! Either gentle translucent bonds or virtually invisible Micro Wefts are applied and both are scientifically proven not to damage hair. 
Very discreet, even when hair is worn up. The tiny bonds are translucent so they take on your natural hair colour. The Hot Bonded method creates virtually undetectable and safely secured extensions which are very comfortable to wear. 
Racoon International Micro Wefts are far smaller than most other wefts. Micro in size, they can be worn discreetly with hair up or down. The ultra-superfine and flexible micro header makes them virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear. 
Racoon International’s hair is from a well-established supplier network that has provided human hair to the extensions industry for generations. Racoon works closely with its supply network to guarantee the ethical sourcing of all our hair. 
We offer the very best, premium quality hair, so of course it is not cheap, but it is competitively priced. Remember too that when looked after, our extensions can be economically re-used and reapplied. 
You sometimes read in the press about damage caused by hair extensions. Be reassured one of the reasons we chose Racoon International is because its systems are scientifically proven by an independent trichologist not to damage hair. Provided you look after your extensions and follow our maintenance and rotation advice, you will not suffer any hair damage. 
Hair extensions can give you instant texture, volume, style and length without the need for chemicals or a colour dye sensitivity patch test. You can have luscious volume, boost thinning hair, get extra length, introduce a fringe, have the latest celebrity style or a flash of colour in an instant with Racoon extensions. 
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